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If you work as a Health Care Provider in the State of Arkansas
and you require the assistance of a language interpreter to provide your services adequately
you have the right to verify the credentials of the interpreter.
Demand from your current Language Service Provider
Proof of Minimum National Standards

Ask for a Provider of Language Services that is accredited and make sure that such provider complies with the Ethical and Professional Standards of the Language Interpreter Profession; you have the right to demand and expect quality language services. A professional medical interpreter has received the training needed to be part of the healing process of your patient. “A trained interpreter allows for your medical skills and your unique style of caring for your patients to remain as solid as if no language or cultural barriers were present”. Using the assistance of a language interpreter should not alter the timing or length or the medical encounter and must never be a factor in the final outcome or recovery process of the patient.

Ask for ITA LLC if you need an interpreter for a verbal interaction with an individual with Limited English Proficiency and
any time that you require accuracy, confidentiality and a meaningful communication with your LEP patient or client.

1. Medical Interpreter Training is not a requirement to get work as a Medical Interpreter in the State of Arkansas: any bilingual individual can work as a freelance medical interpreter in a health care center and interact with patients and health care providers.
2. It is not required that Language Service Providers operating in Arkansas show any valid proof regarding the interpreter’s knowledge of the human body, medical specialties and terminology or basic understanding of the ethical and professional standards set by the International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA)
3. Approximately 90% of the bilingual individuals contracted by those language service providers DO NOT have any kind of formal training in the medical interpreting profession.
. On January 1st , 2016, the International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA) set a new standard in the US: It is now recommended that bilingual individuals receive a minimum of 60 hours of Medical Interpreting order to reduce the number of return visits of patients to the hospital because of inadequate language services being received during their interaction with health care providers.

At ITA LLC, we value the time and effort of the health care professionals working in the state of Arkansas,
and we honor their dedication by continuously training the professional language interpreters that we have available for them.
We only use the most advanced and up-to-date training methods available in the U.S.

The language interpreters of ITA LLC have acquired the highest medical interpreting standards set by the National Board for Certification of Medical Interpreters and the International Medical Interpreters Association.

5. Since 20I3, ITA LLC is the only language service provider in the sate of Arkansas that has a Medical Training Program that meets the standards of the IMIA.
6. In 2016, ITA LLC brought to Arkansas the most comprehensive 80 hrs medical interpreter training program available.

“Our interpreters are reliable and trained professionals.
that have proven to be valuable members of the healing team”

If you are a health-care provider and you are using a local interpreting agency in the state of Arkansas. Please, be mindful of the potential risks, protect your patients and protect your work as a care giver. Always ask the agency to produce proper accreditations for each bilingual person that is sent to your facilities.

Javier Simancas Chávez,
Interpreter, Translator & Trainer.

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